Immunocyte therapy is a new mechanism of cancer treatment that activates the body's immune cells and kills cancer cells.

  • NK cells are the only immune cells among many immune cells that recognize and directly kill abnormal cells such as cancer cells without specific antigens.
    NK cell-based immune cell therapy using this principle is also known to have much higher safety than other immune cell treatments.
  • It's one of the immune cells responsible for innate immunity.
    It is a cell that detects cells infected with cancer cells or viruses and destroys them quickly.
    It plays an important role in suppressing the occurrence of cancer and preventing metastasis.
  • 01

    Antibody-dependent cytotoxic action
    Recognition of monoclonal antibodies bound to cancer cells > Secretion of cancer cell destruction proteins > Destruction of cancer cells
  • 02

    Occupational killing of cancer cells
    Disrupting cancer cells Disrupting abnormal cells, including cancer cells, by releasing proteins
  • 03

    Stimulate surrounding immune cells
    Promote destruction of cancerous tissue by secretion and activation of substances (cytokines) that can stimulate immune cells