We will be an ark of the digital world where we’re going together to the better future with the power of connection.

Hello.I appreciate your interest in WANNABE GROUP.

  • Everyone wants to “become something” and “resemble someone more and more.”
  • Like the meaning of ‘WANNABE” is “a person who wants to be something,” WANNABE GROUP is hoping that this society becomes “a jumping society, embracing underprivileged neighbors”
  • Though it is natural for a company to seek profits, the purpose of WANNABE GROUP foundation was to embrace underprivileged neighbors (adolescents who are crying silently from family in crisis).
  • As “a self-sustaining welfare system” is what WANNABE GROUP pursues, all the shares and income distribution of a holding company, WANNABE DATA Co., Ltd. belong to the welfare foundation.
  • The world is entering the age of ‘the 4th industrial revolution.’ In the meantime, the social phenomenon was “the growing gap between the rich and the poor” amid the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd industrial revolution. It is as clear as crystal that the wealth will lean too much towards a specific company during the 4th industrial revolution as well, and the life of the public who are weak in terms of information and technology can’t help but be placed in the relative poverty.
  • Even though WANNABE GROUP is all set to become a leading company of ‘the 4th industrial revolution,’ we have prepared a system to return all the wealth to the public again.
  • It’s ‘the One-Nth system.’
  • WANNABE GROUP is focusing on ‘Metaverse’ and ‘BaaS’, ‘Bio’, and possesses the world’s best technology. Focusing on the main business, we’re proceeding with other hardware and service supportively.
  • WANNABE GROUP is basically towards globalization and its expansion speed is quite fast. After making money around the world and filling Korean people (1 million business operators who belong to WANNABE GROUP and adolescents in family in crisis) with the money, we’re oriented towards assisting adolescents in each country across the world again.
  • “WANNABE GROUP is a social movement.”
  • Thank you!