Motivation to Start the Group


Been created gradually since 2016 to materialize “a self-sustaining welfare system” more specifically which was progressed to take care of adolescents from family in crisis in 2009 by the chairman, Jeon Young-cheol.

Purpose of Business

We have the purpose to support some people in Korea physically and quantitatively who are not familiar with ‘the age of the 4th industrial revolution’ or not prepared properly so that they can adapt themselves to the age properly and settle down safely.

Ministry Purpose

With the philosophy of the Kangaroo Foundation, “Let’s make kids who are crying silently smile,” the purpose is laid in the construction of a social system that is generous in financial, organizational, systemic supports until adolescents in family in crisis become healthy adults through love and interest.

Directivity and Future Vision of Group

WANNABE GROUP is a company making a new standard of IT technology and a new digital ecosystem,

and is making a better world by creating a new ecosystem in a place that is not seen and constructing a new digital market not relevant to the boundary and region by adding a technology to everything existing in the world.

Leading the global digital service market based on the platform and solutions the integration of the new Blockchain technology that is the key to a company’s competitiveness and services in the age of the 4th industrial revolution,

We also assist growth and innovation, dreaming the future that could bring changes to the overall businesses through Open Innovation that creates new services by exchanging he required technology with global companies and major companies in Korea.

WANNABE GROUP has secured the original technology of the Blockchain engine that will lead the 4th industry, and has been expanding its business scope by signing an agreement with companies related to the 4th industry such as bio-industry etc.

In the rapidly changing 4th industrial revolution, we’re staying one step ahead to make preparations with innovative technical skills with affiliated companies: “WANNABE DATA Co., Ltd., WANNABE ETR Co., Ltd., WANNABE LX Co., Ltd., WANNABE Content Hub Co., Ltd., WANNABE Goods Co., Ltd., Designed Cells Co., Ltd., WIZBL Co., Ltd., TRISTONE Korea Co., Ltd., META IRONFLAG Co., Ltd.”

We’d like to ask for your active anticipation and interest in every move by WANNABE GROUP.

The technology of safe and infinite connection that is not bind to anywhere and not interrupted by anything

WANNABE GROUP’s IT technology is leading the business in the age of the 4th industrial revolution through systemic and innovative AI, big data, AR, VR, Metaverse, and

The profits made by a new technology of connection that will change the world are being used meaningfully for various supporting projects of the Kangaroo Foundation so that adolescents in family in crisis can reach the better future.

The world where a beautiful virtuous cycle takes place,
That’s the world that WANNABE GROUP is dreaming of.

In particular, WANNABE GROUP is materializing the principle of 4-None

A social company that changes the world by a good influence by abiding by the principle of ‘No tax evasion’, ‘No violation against law’, ‘No tricks’, ‘No hiding’ thoroughly and making profits honestly and returning them to a society, that’s the image of a company that WANNABE GROUP pursues.

Finally, with a slogan of ‘the Hyper-Connected Age, Connection is Strong,’ we step forward to a digital ark in order to go to the better future towards the WANNABE world of our choice.
With people on board the digital ark, we’re starting to make a voyage with vigor so that we can arrive at the harbor safely where WANNABE GROUP pursues in the age of the 4th industrial revolution.