Designed Cells Co., Ltd.

The alphabet E in the logo of Designed Cells expresses genes containing the information required for cell proliferation and tissue regeneration by being connected complementarily, and contains a meaning that we mingle and communicate with each other in a community.

The company’s ideal and goal is ‘to embrace’ sick people around us and ‘to return’ to a community with the incomparable ‘technology’ of Designed Cells Co., Ltd. that designs customized stem cells for your dearest people.
Designed Cells is leading the way as a leader in the bio field Focusing on two key technologies.

One of them is the technology of stem cells equipped with genes (a patent in the six developed countries: Korea, the U.S., Europe, China, Australia, Japan).
The limit of the current dementia medicine is that it gets rid of only amyloid peptide which is a substance causing dementia but can’t revive the dead cells.

Designed Cells Co., Ltd. has secured a technology and a patent to mount functional genes for each disease, which removes amyloid peptide and simultaneously regenerates the damaged nerve cells, and recovers the nerve function (cognitive function). You can see the sufficient effects by making the induced pluripotent stem cells through extracting stems cells from oneself or others to secure neural stem cells to treat brain disease and mounting functional genes.

Another technology is about the rich culture medium of exosome (patent: Korea, PCT; trademark). The exosome of stem cells delivers functional protein to the targeted cells or the damaged part to regulate body functions and to regenerate cells and tissue. Functional protein of stem cells is secreted, wrapped by the lipid membrane called exosome and its amount is so little and if exosome is burst in the process of extraction, water-soluble protein can’t pass through the biological lipid membrane. Designed Cells Co., Ltd. has succeeded in extracting 50 to 100 times more exosome while preserving the lipid membrane intact through its own culture technology.

The key value of Designed Cells Co., Ltd. is laid in regenerating tissue and recovering body functions by taking advantage of the exosome rich culture medium.

Designed Cells is a good company performing a beautiful mission.
They are leading the way in developing innovative medicine based on its own creative and unique technical skills.


Global Leading Technology

They are feeling patients’ pain like their own family’s matter, and doing their very best in developing excellent medicine.


Empathy and Embracement

The company is seeing eye to eye with patients and rewarding with social benefits.


Fair-Oriented Return

Designed Cells is a company that triggers more anticipation about its future movements.