WANNABE Content Hub Co., Ltd.

WANNABE Content Hub has been recognized its highest-level production skills and ability to operate events with its countless experiences and know-how even in MICE, regional festivals, concerts, broadcasting sites, promotion with exhibitions, and events.

The management support team is at the head of the company that is constantly growing, focusing on the planning project department, production project division department, system project department, design team, and partners.

The craftsmanship insisting on only one way such as event agency, corporate events, traditional events, international conferences, performance planning etc. is the company’s competitiveness. Even in the COVID-19 pandemic era, they constructed a remote solution and have made a great deal of achievements. Infrastructure built on the basis of any number of experiences and trust is the competitiveness of the WANNABE content hub.
This is a company that is expected to make even more remarkable strides in the future.