Kangaroo Foundation

With a catchphrase of ‘Making children who are crying silently smile,’ the Kangaroo Foundation got started in 2009 by the chairman Jeon Young-cheol to embrace adolescents in crisis and underprivileged neighbors, and has become a motif for the birth of the good company, WANNABE Group.

The Kangaroo Foundation has been practicing the love for region through the Kangaroo campaign.

  • First, making a society that is jumping with embracement of underprivileged neighbors

    They learned the wisdom from kangaroos jumping with their weak joeys in their pouch among jumping animals.
  • Second, we also have ‘children who are crying silently’ in our neighborhood.

    They did nothing wrong, and there was nothing they could do but they couldn’t help but weep with their heart in the family in crisis.
  • Third, who is going to cut the ring of vicious cycle?

    Impacts during adolescence and social maladaptation will become a ring of vicious cycle that mass-produces other families in crisis after they become adults.
  • Fourth, what they’re afraid of is the bullying from people in their age.

    We should enable them to fill the gaps they wished for in their homes by sharing the life content enjoyed in normal households, through a healthy peer group.

The Kangaroo Foundation is building a social system that enables teenagers facing crisis in their homes to grow into healthy adults without being excluded by peer groups through the financial, organizational and systemic supports from WANNABE GROUP.

Recent Issues of Kangaroo Foundation:

  • 1
    Jan 9, 2023, it was approved by the government of California, USA, and registered with Welfare Foundation. It has also been recognized as a non-profit welfare foundation in 130 countries (including Apostille registration).
  • 2
    Jan 16, 2023, there was a pledge ceremony to donate all the shares of WANNABE DATA Co., Ltd., a holding company of WANNABE GROUP, to the Kangaroo Foundation.
  • 3
    Feb 9, 2023, the Kangaroo Foundation held the founding ceremony of the Crisis Youth Communication Committee and raised the flag for social public projects to embrace teenagers in crisis who are ostracized or silently crying in the blind spots, and lead them to a bright society.