• 2023

    • 01 Signed an agreement of KRW 30 billion investment in
      the clinical trial on exosome of Designed Cells Co., Ltd.

      Signed an agreement for investment from
      major shareholders of WIZBL Co., Ltd.

      Made a pledge to donate the entire shares of WANNABE DATA Co., Ltd.
      to the Kangaroo Foundation (notarized)

      Registered as an official sponsor for
      the 2023 International Martial Arts Olympiad
      – Martial Arts Metaverse donated
  • 2022

    • 07 Full-scale marketing of a technology
      of WANNABE Co., Ltd.

      Started Evento which is our neighborhood event platform
      at the Google Play Store

      Kangaroo Mall entered the event platform.
  • 2021

    • 10 SQG platform developed (issuing SQGC and Bitjang Exchange
      established) and Play Store service started

      Signed an agreement for the cutting-edge IT technology
      with WANNABE Chain Soft Co., Ltd.
      (a venture company, web, app Blockchain development works)

      Established a family corporation to secure funds of
      the Kangaroo Foundation

      WANNABE DATA Co., Ltd.: A company specialized in marketing,
      an operator of every sort of platforms
  • 2020

    • 11 Signed MOU with SHINYOUNG Co., Ltd.
      for construction innovation: New Wall, New Floor
      and applied for a joint patent

      Started a project of HO32 electronic water of constitution
  • 2019

    • 06 Opened C3TV “I’m a Star too” Video Commercial platform

      Non-profit certificate issued for Kangaroo Foundation

      Entered the YTN building at Sangam

      Started Kangaroo campaign nationwide
      – recruiting a head of each region,
      started a briefing session focusing on metropolitan cities

      The advertisement platform Evento trademark registered
  • 2018

    • 04 Investment in the light world in Chungju
      and ran the operating division

      Business rights acquired for Dual Xenon Lamps

      Business rights acquired for Air Green House
      (making an air dome)

      Business rights for 4th Water acquired

      Business rights acquired for high magnetic field
      autonomous generator, C3 Electric Co. Ltd. established

      C3 Wallet Co., Ltd. established
      (C3W coins issued, listed on the BitForex exchange market)

      Minable coins developed, Electronic wallet developed

      Applied for a patent on how to modularize
      a magnetic generator

      The head office in Seoul moved
      (Location:10 Gangnamdae-ro 84 beon-gil,, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

      Business rights acquired for manufacturing and distributing
      the only wireless fire alarm transmitter in Korea (LG U+)
  • 2017

    • 04 IoT Coffee machine for coffee beans (for offices) developed

      Started a Prefabricated 'Hanok' Business
      (Hanok refers Traditional Korean House)

      Broadcasted in the show of “Extreme Job” by EBS

      Non-combustible sawdust panel
      (coffee sludge panel) developed

      Channel news (internet / paper) established
  • 2016

    • 07 Signed a contract for the matching chance
      social media platform, 645 lottery patented technology

      Signed an agreement with Chungju City Office
      and made a website

      Acquired the platform for anyone to create a website
      (integrated information and communication)

      Signed an agreement with SUNY Korea

      Opened the personal knowledge portal platform, Mc-hub