AintChainSoft Co., Ltd.

AintChainSoft is a company specialized in the Blockchain-based software.

With a slogan of ‘One decision makes an excellent system,’ it is the company that is all set to assist businesses in solving problems related to the 4th industry and moving forward and growing, and is growing and developing through challenge and innovation, focusing on services of the Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, smart factories, smart farms that will become competitiveness of the future industry.


WANNABE ETR is a research institute company established to get the IT original technology transferred and an affiliated company of WANNABE GROUP that inherited the distribution consensus technology.

They are promoting the development of the better future by commercializing technologies related to the Blockchain engine and VR.


META IRONFLAG is a B.TechFIN company establishedto lead ‘the future financial market based on the Blockchain technology.’
We are an innovative company, developing a Real Metaverse platform based on Digital Twin.
We move real estate into the metaverse world with breakthrough 3D implementation capabilities, giving users the opportunity to experience incredible creativity and innovation.

Now users can create their own avatars with 'FROM' to move freely in the metaverse world and knock on a new door to the future.

We are a company that constantly researches and challenges to build an ecosystem that can lead the industry directly or indirectly by creating an innovative platform that provides users with wonderful interactions and experiences beyond reality.

WANNABE Data Co., Ltd.

WANNABE Data Co., Ltd is the representative holding company of Wannabe Group and is developing and operating ‘EVENTO’, our local event platform, for the first time in Korea.
The Evento platform, which is networking with small businesses, businesses and citizens around the world, Shared value (CSV) that provides both economic and social values to all participants It is a pursuit-oriented platform and has a user rating of 5.0 on the Google Play Store.
It has proven to be a useful platform.

Event (event) + Vento (big wind), our neighborhood event platform Event, is the main business item of Wannabe Group. It is easy to use and the participation rate is explosively increasing.

Companies or small business owners (advertisers) use events such as Evento game, NFT payment system, AR discount coupon treasure hunt, etc.

Evento game is literally a system that provides event discount coupons for participating companies through games.

If you sign up for the event app, you get 10 free chance to play games every day, you can play the game every time you click on the 20-second advertisement, and you can win product discount coupons through the game, so users can approach it interestingly. In addition, the NFT payment system is a payment system that allows event to affiliates to use cards, cash, and eNFT. AR discount coupons that allow small business owners (or franchises) to hide discount vouchers in a desired location and participate in events with AR (augmented reality) Treasure hunting games can also be utilized through the Evento platform.

WANNABE Data Co., Ltd is currently using the 645 Lotto system, which provides advertising and lottery services through wired and wireless communication networks, a winning system that cannot be forged and tampered with winning rates and winners using blockchain hash values, and a game that combines QR codes and blockchain winning systems It is a company that brings fresh air to the Evento platform, which is designed to form a warm capitalism by organically solidarity with people all over the world beyond Korea.