TRISTONE Korea Co., Ltd.

TRISTONE Korea Co., Ltd. was established in January 2020, a company specialized in materials, producing the first Low Carbon Ferro Chrome and Metal Chrome and Silicon Nitride in Korea.

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome is one of ferroalloy, an essential raw material to produce stainless steel. With nickel, iron, chrome as major components, stainless steel has established itself as an essential material for the overall industries.
Among them, Ferro Chrome is an essential material in manufacturing stainless steel as much as stainless steel was developed by the roll out of Ferro Chrome production.
In Korea, major steelworks such as POSCO, Hyundai Steel, SeAH Group etc. are using a certain amount of 30,000 tons on a yearly basis, and as POSCO has developed stainless steel FOSS470FC (for making a metal plate to generate hydrogen), its demand is spiking. Silicon nitride is one of major engineering ceramics with excellent thermal and mechanical properties and TRISTONE Korea has possessed technical skills with higher reaction area than Denka or Ube, as well as competitive prices through development of a new technology using the metal reduction process.

Its demand level is dramatically on the rise such as high-temperature conductivity and high-temperature reliability etc. due to high performance of parts mounted on vehicles as well as expansion of the market for heat dissipation materials as the existing light-duty xEV (electric vehicles) is supplied. Besides, it is used for structural materials such as bearing balls for wind power generation, semiconductor manufacturing devices etc.

The head office is doing its very best to offer silicon nitride powder in various specifications to cater to users’ needs in line with mass production in 2023, and is a promising company that triggers much anticipation at home and abroad.


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