WANNABE H&B (Health & Beauty)

WANNABE H&B Co., Ltd. was established for the purpose of distributing excellent products from home and abroad, focusing on products of affiliated companies related to health and beauty.

Wannabe H&B is responsible for the health and beauty of modern people living in the age of 100. We are a company that does our best to develop products based on the best technology and quality in order to constantly satisfy the needs of needs.

01. Korean Ginseng Product Co., Ltd.

It produces and provides health supplements under the brand of Goryeowon

They are doing their very best to provide health functional foods in various types that customers can feel safe to intake by using the strictly selected best ginseng materials, and functional cosmetic products to be able to improve various skin diseases as well as prevention of aging.

02. Designed Cells Co., Ltd.

Exoriche No.1
Designed Cells’ ERCM (Exosome-rich conditioned medium)
Erase the traces of age from one's skin with its peak technology

Various functional cosmetics, including the brand "Exoriche no.1" family, are dual-functional with excellent whitening and wrinkle improvement, which can help prevent aging and improve various skin diseases. In particular, cosmetic products using human amniotic stem cell culture fluid show a completely different level of effect from existing products.

Human amniotic stem cell culture fluid + white rose active fraction

Skin regeneration, wound healing, anti-atopy, anti-acne, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial (atopic bacteria, acne bacteria, dandruff bacteria, Helicobacter bacteria, vaginitis bacteria, food poisoning bacteria) are confirmed.

Especially, cosmetic products taking advantage of the exosome culture technology show a completely different dimension of effects from the existing products.